is under construction…

I love to create, I spend many hours on it every day
fruBlomgren is a one-woman business – a small business with one employee – me
I am the one who wears all the hats – I am the designer, I am the boss, I am the owner, I am the cleaner who cleans up after every creation, I am the tester, I am the canteen lady, I am the press officer, I am the PR department, I am the finance director and the bookkeeper, I am the HR manager and I am an employee in my own company
That’s a lot of different tasks, and each day only has 24 hours… so this website will be under construction for some time to come – I’ll be making it myself – with the help of some webinars on WordPress
I find such a thing exciting, and at the same time it doesn’t come easy to me – because it’s a different universe than my mermaids, beautiful flowers and ITH designs…
So I hope you will be patient with me
You will always find my designs in my shop on Etsy
and otherwise you can visit me and all my lovely members in my Facebook group fruBlomgren’s Machine Embroidery Club by becoming a member yourself in my creative universe:

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